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I am a well-known biochemist and author of organic and biochemistry books used in Philippine universities.I finished my Doemistry at Ohio State University in Columbus,Ohio,USA.Right now I’m taking my maternal degree at Harvard University. I own mansions in Boracay, Cebu, Tagaytay, Bolinao, Puerto Galera, Davao, Vigan, Tarlac and San Francisco Pampanga. I also have 87 different known fast food chains around the world. I have 40 condo units here in the Philippines and 35 in L.A California. Do you know Brad Pitt? He was my driver before in Beverly, I helped him actually. That’s why he owes me to what he is now … do you also know Bill Gates? Actually he is my long lost grandfather.

Do you want to ask me how much money I have around the world? Oww please just don’t dare, because you wouldn’t believe me.

I was born in Europe but I was raised in USA. My mother is a Spanish-Filipino and my father is a Chinese. Since my childhood days, my father always taught me not to talk with strangers like you. But if you want to talk with me you’re always free to send me messages of course.

Ow yeah. Well, if you think all of those things about me are true, you better schedule a check up with a psychiatrist.

I’m just your ordinary mean guy (not that mean 😀 ) whom you’ll see walking on the streets while day dreaming.

FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/#!/jevaux

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/#!/jevaux

CONTACT NUMBERS : 09099427603 ; 09331250246

E-MAIL : iamjevaux@yahoo.com


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