“Why can’t I hate MATH”

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Whenever I hear the word “Mathematics,” the first word that will always come out of my mind is “suffering”. I don’t know why! I just find it hard to play with numbers. I would rather stay in a room full of books and read than to answer a brain-cracking Math quiz paper. Dealing with numbers would probably be the most challenging experience I ever had during my elementary and high school years.

When I was still in elementary – not so long ago, I could still remember how confident was my Math teacher was in choosing me as the school’s representative for the Annual Math Quiz Bowl in Davao City. Ugh! That was a big slap on my face! Fortunately, at that time, I did not win! Because if I did, I’m pretty sure that my Math teacher’s confidence in choosing me – again – as the school’s representative for the next year’s competition will be levered. But guess what happened a year after my bittersweet defeat during the said quiz bowl? I was chosen to represent our school for the Annual Math Quiz Bowl again! That was a very big mystery!

This is not to tell you that I am playing hide-and-seek with Mathematics. Numbers are everywhere! And why on earth would I hide from it? I have already accepted its ubiquity. After asking questions about my weakness in playing with numbers to my relatives, I found out that most of them – in my mother’s side – are not good at Math! Geez! Probably, a small part in the left side of our brains were damaged since birth.

Even though I badly cursed Mathematics, the idea of hating the subject never crossed in my mind. Becuase it taught me how to face and wallop my weaknesses. My intoxicating experiences with the subject always reminds me of the statement told by my fourth year (4th yr.) Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Ma. Cynthia Magboo in one of our conversations: “The most significant lesson a Math subject can give to us is the value of PERSEVERANCE…”


4 thoughts on ““Why can’t I hate MATH”

  1. Oh, I was never good at math either! I liked English class better, where there wasn’t always one real, concrete answer. Where you can analyze and decide what something meant. Math you always had to be right, and I never really understood WHY were were solving for “y” and whatnot. So I totally understand you! But that quote at the bottom? About perseverance? That’s totally right. It teaches you how to keep going until the end, if nothing else.

  2. I feel the same about math. My husband is brilliant at it, but I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept of substituting letters for numbers and creating unlimited and varying solutions. Ugh! I’d rather play with words any day.

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